Virgin Mary statue

Our Virgen Mary Statue

The statue of the Virgin Mary – Mother of Reconciliation, that is currently in Kouvola has been in the past in Grevenstain’s St.Antonius  Church in Sauerland (Paderborn Municipality – Germany). It was possibly carved in either of the two wood-carving art centres, both in Oberammergau, in South Tyrol’s Grödnertal.

In 1895, Conrad-Peter Nagel donated it to its former home church. The statue of the Virgin Mary,  partially preserved during the Second World War, moved into the parsonage chapel.

In 1995, the Virgin Mary statue was donated to the Saint Ursula church in Kouvola. After repairs and restoration work was done, the statue was placed inside the church during a ceremony on the 13th October 1996.

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Virgin Mary-Mother of Reconciliation

prayer before the statue

Holy Mother of God, Virgin Mary.
Your Son Jesus Christ gave you to us as our Mother and Our Guardian.
For your motherly love, we dare to ask of you: pray for us that by the Precious Blood of your Son we may deserve the forgiveness of our sins, the salvation of our souls, and all that we need to fulfill God’s will.

Bring us your love, dear Mother, in your hands we entrust and we ask for special aid with (… …) You who are the Mother of Good Counsel and Conciliation, help us to better understand what is best for us and take us to your Son, so that we may, together with you, praise God with your words, “The Almighty has done great things in me”.

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